Give a Homeless a Dollar?

My group in class was given the topic “Yes, always, because…” and we had to respond to the topic of giving a homeless person a dollar. In my opinion, you have to look at the situation, and decide whether or not this person is really homeless. The thing is, you can’t ask the person, [...]

January 25th Blog Post

I this video off of USA Today magazine. Obviously its not on the magazine but it was on their website. This was an advertisement that supported Huckabee by claiming that another candidate would be better for the position. Huckabee has Chuck Norris’s support in his run in the primaries. [...]

Jan, 25th T of C Blog Post

What is very embarassing is being a fan of the worst team in the NFL. I practically bleed the Dolphins colors. I was brought up as a kid watching the Dolphins play on the television with popcorn and snacks. So it’s kind of hard to just switch teams. Currently, the Dolphins [...]

Assignment #2

Authority/ethos- this is an appeal writers and advertisers use to appeal to the audiences trust and authority. Thus, a person believes in your claims because how you present them and yourself (character).
Emotion/pathos- this appeals to the audiences feelings, beliefs and or desires. By grabbing the audiences emotions and wants they are more [...]

Assignment #1 Mike Crichton

A claim can be a verbal or written statement about something. Normally when someone claims something they provide support with it. Evidence is brought on the subject to prove the subject matter in reality of factually. Evidence are similar to statistics and facts that can be used to support [...]

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