January 25th Blog Post

I this video off of USA Today magazine. Obviously its not on the magazine but it was on their website. This was an advertisement that supported Huckabee by claiming that another candidate would be better for the position. Huckabee has Chuck Norris’s support in his run in the primaries. This clip starts in the middle of the a discussion so the question that was asked is unknown. However, it seems that he is asked why he doesn’t support McCain. The clip begins with Norris saying he is a dear friend of his, and then says that he is 72. He sort of claims that at the expense of holding office, people tend to age quicker. This seems logical (logos), because of the stress environment. He supports his reasoning pretty well, which gained my trust in authority (ethos). He provides support by claiming that the candidate should be someone who has the “youth, energy, vision and the communication skills.” There wasn’t an appeal to pathos that I could find.

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