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Feb. 15th T of C: Friend in Need…

If your boyfriend or girlfriend who is your closest friend that you have ever had, is in need of your help would you do it? Lets say that the aid they are asking for puts you on the line, shall you do it? If you and a friend have been practically through everything that can happen and still be together… Would you feel that you can trust them with your life… Well the vagueness of this situation is hard for someone to say, “Yes” I would or “Sorry, I can’t” in what I have just described. So lets focus on a situation… If one person in the relationship asks for the other person to help them in getting some financial aid, and resulting with you responsible would you do it? Love is a complicated and wonderful thing… If the couple considered getting married I would support the circumstances. I wonder how the person who is giving the help would feel if the other person is not giving their all in the relationship. Would they panic and feel like the person just snatched and ran…? These thoughts I would believe come through the person’s mind, however they can’t let them affect the relationship. Lets say that the one who is getting the help, really does love the other person and just has a few life crisis going on at that moment. Should the other person not think these thoughts at all? Or should they be compassionate and endure the struggle… This is a tough situation for people to go through and I think that there are many situations that trouble relationships in this fast paced and hectic world that we live in…

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