Give a Homeless a Dollar?

My group in class was given the topic “Yes, always, because…” and we had to respond to the topic of giving a homeless person a dollar. In my opinion, you have to look at the situation, and decide whether or not this person is really homeless. The thing is, you can’t ask the person, you just have to read them and make a decision. Then you have to decide whether your wallet can spare a few. In my case I probably couldn’t, because normally as a college student I am broke. But when I do have some spare money and the homeless person is actually homeless I would probably give them a dollar. One thing that is scary nowadays is that you can’t really trust that many people. One late night I was driving with my girlfriend from the movies and we stopped at a traffic light. Suddenly I hear a knock at my window… Savy (girlfriend) screams I look over and I happen to shout AHH!!!! There was a homeless or crack-head begging for money. Immediately I screamed at him saying “GET THE HECK AWAY, YOU CRAZY #$#@%^! I shouted you scared us..” The man said “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” in a pathetic way. I peeled out and drove off… This is a reason why I am a little hesitant to role down my window to a homeless person.

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