Assignment #2

Authority/ethos- this is an appeal writers and advertisers use to appeal to the audiences trust and authority. Thus, a person believes in your claims because how you present them and yourself (character).
Emotion/pathos- this appeals to the audiences feelings, beliefs and or desires. By grabbing the audiences emotions and wants they are more likely to stay interested in what is being presented.
Logic/logos- the last appeal is directed to the audiences logical reasoning. With whatever is being present the writer/advertiser will try to manipulate the appeal in favor of the logical reasoning.
2.) When writing a research paper use appropriate sources, site them correctly and find sources that aren’t false and have a good reputation. Using these strategies you can present your topic appropriately, provide a truthful and strong backbone. If you don’t have a strong backbone in your writing criticism will override your argument.
3.) Using the emotional appeal when formulating an argument gives you an advantage. This is because when someone is moved their emotions have been touched and a bond is made between the audience and the presenter. For example, take the example from the book about the parent anti-drug add. Look at the parents perspective; they have a son or daughter that is involved with drugs. Now typically parents are always concerned for their kids safety and wellness. These are emotions that a normal parent try to satisfy 24/7, so when they see this commercial I would think that it would stimulate those emotions of their children’s safety.
4.) I don’t see any potential disadvantages with using a heavy appeal to emotion, if heavy appeal to emotion is being used you should take in to consideration the audience and how appropriate it would be.
5.) In any situation in life if it can be backed by facts, statistic and logical reasoning it has the potential to withstand criticism. Without logic backing a topic it will tend to crumble in the hands of the opposition. It is vital to have a strong logical backing to have a good argument. If an argument doesn’t have it there is nothing that is strong enough to keep the argument going.
6.) In an argument the three appeals go hand and hand. A good argument should have all three appeals in it. These three together do not give room for frankness. They give support the argument and provide reasoning for the argument.

Part II

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