Friday 8th topic of News Article

The Heat have traded Shaquille O’Neal for two players from the Phoenix Suns. At first I couldn’t believe that the Heat would trade him. This is because they won a Championship with him, and Dwayne Wade and Shaq had a little duo going like Shaq had with Kobe. Since Heat’s championship their competitiveness had dramatically decreased. In fact, in the Heat’s last 20 games they have lost 19 of them. Pat Riley, Heat’s coach says that their were no hard feelings with Shaq moving on… Riley has been a coach for 25 five years so their has been plenty of trading before his eyes. Riley say that the Heat are “rebuilding” maybe this is a reason that they also let him go a little less hesitant. Shaq probably is being paid a load of money because of his age and record that they have to pay him for. So if the Heat clear that big payment there leaves a lot of room for free agency and whatnot. Most if not all the players of the Suns are ready to get him on board and ready to play… This move that Shaq has taken renews my view of him because I thought he was going to retire soon and with the Heat. Instead he has been traded and wants to get another ring!

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