February 8th Topic of Choice

Who would of guessed the Patriots would of lost? Their perfect season means nothing now that they lost the Super Bowl. If anyone who did not watch this game the Giants and the Patriots played in the Super Bowl. For the first three quarters it remained 7-3 with Patriots up. However, Giants seemed to have control of the game defensively with not allowing the Patriots to convert on 3rd down. The Patriots seemed like they were a different team. Constant pressure on Brady did not allow him enough time to make plays that would gain significant yardage. It almost seemed like the Giants pushed the Patriots on their heels and never relieved the pressure. It was obvious that Brady was frustrated with the situation, as well as Randy Moss who had approximately had 5 catches the whole game. Moss who is the “go to guy” when the game is on the line didn’t seem to touch the ball. It was in the beginning of the 4th quarter the Giants finally took the lead. A Patriot touch down pass to Moss was answered by another touch down by the Giants. The Giants seemed to execute very well opposed to the Patriots offense. This however was a close game, and a very well played game.

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