Jan, 25th T of C Blog Post

What is very embarassing is being a fan of the worst team in the NFL. I practically bleed the Dolphins colors. I was brought up as a kid watching the Dolphins play on the television with popcorn and snacks. So it’s kind of hard to just switch teams. Currently, the Dolphins and the NFL’s worst record was made history with one win and the rest, well you know what they were! Also in the past five years the Dolphins have had 5 different coaches. How can a team come together if the same people aren’t there the following year to pick up where they left off last! With that in mind it seems that we could see this disaster approaching. So Wayne Hiezenga the owner of the Dolphins hired Bill Parcels to be the V.P. of the club. Parcels has a very good reputation in revitalizing poor teams. Parcels fires Cam Cameron the head coach of the Dolphins as soon he took his position of V.P. This gave the record of 5 coaches in 5 years. However, it was logical what Parcels did, because he hired a coach that he worked with while he was the head coach of the Cowboys. This comraudary hopefully will benefit the Dolphins in a good way.

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