Feb. 22nd T of C

Euthanasia, is it murder or is it a painless death? Many people say its murder. However, I think it depends on the situation. There are many critics that think this procedure is completely against the law and suicide. And other people think the opposite, they think if the people are desiring to end their life [...]

Feb. 15th T of C: Friend in Need…

If your boyfriend or girlfriend who is your closest friend that you have ever had, is in need of your help would you do it? Lets say that the aid they are asking for puts you on the line, shall [...]

Friday 8th topic of News Article

The Heat have traded Shaquille O’Neal for two players from the Phoenix Suns. At first I couldn’t believe that the Heat would trade him. This is because they won a Championship with him, and Dwayne Wade and Shaq had a little duo going like Shaq had with Kobe. Since Heat’s championship their competitiveness had dramatically [...]

February 8th Topic of Choice

Who would of guessed the Patriots would of lost? Their perfect season means nothing now that they lost the Super Bowl. If anyone who did not watch this game the Giants and the Patriots played in the Super Bowl. For the first three quarters it remained 7-3 with Patriots up. However, Giants seemed to have [...]

February 1st Topic of Choice

This years Super Bowl will be an exciting game, however, the predicted winner of this game is highly favored. The New England Patriots are the Yankees’ of football. I despise the Patriots, unfortunately they are likely to win because of their offensive weapons and veteran defense. The Patriots are undefeated, which gives a sense of [...]