Feb. 22nd T of C

Euthanasia, is it murder or is it a painless death? Many people say its murder. However, I think it depends on the situation. There are many critics that think this procedure is completely against the law and suicide. And other people think the opposite, they think if the people are desiring to end their life they should be able to. Then the third side of this argument people see their family members in so much pain that they would rather not see them go through with it and pass away with less pain. This could be very hard decision that a person must go through to make this decision; if the family members have to make this decision then it must be even harder. What about the doctors allowing this procedure to happen how would it affect there life? This is a very controversial topic that has me wonder what is right and what should happen. Before the time of modern medicine, humans would have to try to get through an illness, disease or virus in hopes of staying alive. Most of the time people died well before they were old enough to get cancer, or any other life threatening ailment. Nowadays, people are living so much longer that we are have a higher chance of getting a illness that can stop life. To conclude, today’s society doesn’t promote a healthy life-style because of television, internet and video games. These aspects of society keep our youth inside opposed to exercising outside.

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