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From the start of the move Shattered Glass I thought that Stephen seemed a little strange, he was very jumpy and off the edge. I think his coworkers were jealous of him, because of his accomplishments that he has made in his life at such a young age. Although none of the employees literally expressed it, I came to the interpretation that was some of the coworkers felt. As he is telling his coworkers the Hacker story, I thought that he enjoyed having all attention directed towards him. In the first five minutes he seems like an average type of person, however he also seems a little arrogant but hanging out with him would be alright. Stephen has the deicision whether to write a completely false piece of writing. He also has the decision whether to keep lying over his false article. This is an ethical situation that he must choose a decision and he makes a wrong decision and keeps supporting it with lies. I think he was wrong with what he was doing. His editor Chuck faces serious ethical troubles on deciding what to do with Glass. Stephen believes that an editor should always back his writers no matter the situation. Now I can agree with this but, there is a fine line where I disagree with this. And this line is when the editor would loose his job to back his writer. I think Stephen was way out of line in his actions.

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