February 1st Topic of Choice

This years Super Bowl will be an exciting game, however, the predicted winner of this game is highly favored. The New England Patriots are the Yankees’ of football. I despise the Patriots, unfortunately they are likely to win because of their offensive weapons and veteran defense. The Patriots are undefeated, which gives a sense of urgency for the New York Giants. Tom Brady is the QB for the Patriots, he is a remarkable and talented player. However, I also think that his offensive line gives him the time needed for him to make things happen. From the QB, offensive line, wide receivers, to the defensive team and even the special teams the Patriots seem to have it all… The Giants aren’t a bad team, they just don’t seem like they got the armory and the weapons to hold the Patriots and then defeat them. And the Patriots record proves it. I hate to say it but I think the Patriots are going to win. I give my support to the underdogs because I would rather see an upset rather than just a predicted victory. So the Giants must dig down deep and come and play this Sunday for the Super Bowl.

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